Your business website is the representation of your company online. It’s clear that more and more consumers use your website before purchasing your services or products, whether physical or online. Showing your consumers what your business is all about through the proper use of the internet means making it useful and attractive to achieve the best and effective results. Let’s dive right into our 5 essential elements for success in your business site! 

Domain name 

This is important because it provides your business website with a specific identity. Your domain’s name should be easy to remember and related to your brand to improve your positioning when it comes to search engines such as Google. Sometimes we need a little creative help when it comes to choosing the right name for our domain, whether you decide to hire help from a marketing agency or do it yourself, make sure you think about it because it’s your first impression! 

Quality, quality, quality

It’s absolutely essential to create content, copy and design, of high quality. Your audience must find your information easy to digest and organized so that they can find what they’re looking for quickly. 

Want to know, on average, how long people spend on your business website? It’s a lot less than you think: about 45 seconds. 

That means you have to make a good first impression through images, videos, your contact page, blogs, georeferencing tools and social media platforms. 

Keep your business site upgrades up to date 

The content that resides on your business site should always be up to date. Not only in terms of digital marketing content, but also when it comes to your company: products, services, news. The aim here is to continue to cater to the needs of your consumers. This will strengthen the lengths your business site can reach, its credibility and movitave your consumers to visit your website regularly.

Remember how important mobile compatibility is 

When creating your business website or updating your current business website, mobile compatibility is a priority for absolutely ALL sections. More than 90% of visitors use their mobile devices to access the internet which means you want to make it easier on your audience (despite which device they’re using to access your site) without losing quality or functionality. 

Organic positioning 

It specifically refers to the traffic a web page receives from search engines. Search engines take it into account and show your business website in the first couple of search results to their users. This is the best way to acquire an increase in potential clients. 

All in all, your business website is the first impression that your potential customers have of you, so make sure you’re putting your efforts in creating quality content that is relevant to your industry and what you aim to accomplish. When you feel lost, our suggestion is to hire a digital marketing agency like The Orange Lab to assist you with your business website and your content creation. Check out all our services here (link a services page del website).