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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Digital marketing consists of applying a set of positioning and commercialization strategies of products and services through the means the internet provides, such as; webpages, apps, social media, email, amongst others.

At The Orange Lab, we’re a digital marketing agency filled with experts in creation and implementation of online creative strategies.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on attracting potential customers in a natural manner, through relevant content that can be distributed throughout different digital means and channels where the audience resides. 

At The Orange Lab, we’re an digital marketing agency with an expertise in creating content that impacts the audience, creating business opportunities for our customers.

A digital marketing agency like The Orange Lab helps with the process of constructing, executing and follow-up of a personalized plan according to your business needs, identifying the online strategies that should be implemented to reach objectives.

All based on fundamental facts like: who your potential client is, where they are, how to communicate with them, which channels will be most effective, what you can offer, amongst others. 

At The Orange Lab, we provide our team’s knowledge and the right tools for your business to help you reach your business goals through the digital realm.

At The Orange Lab, we create digital marketing strategies tailored to the needs of each business, which means that your business investment can vary depending on the actions that  need to be taken in order to reach the objectives we’ve proposed.