A solid content marketing strategy is essential to your business growth and success. By now, you may know that your strategy should be focused on creating and distributing relevant content, such as; articles, ebooks and social media posts. Therefore, our content marketing strategy should always have a clear objective in mind and you should know exactly what you want to attain with said objective. For example, you may want to grow your community, increase sales, improve your reputation, generate more visibility, increase traffic, among others. To help you, we’ve gathered 10 key points to boost your content marketing strategy and keep your audience on their toes by differentiating yourself from your competitors! 

Let’s get started… 

Find your niche 

All companies and sectors today need to promote themselves one way or another, but knowing the needs and the perspectives that your audience has is important because this is who you’re speaking to. There are so many different viewpoints and opinions out there that you truly need to know who specifically you’re engaging with. It’s a good time to find out who your consumer is. 

Benefits and more benefits 

Any content you share should add some sort of value to your consumers. The key to differentiate yourself from other brands is to not speak about yourself all the time, but instead, putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. 

Focus on educating

You may think that you’ll have to center your content marketing strategy around SEO, but in fact, the center focus should be how you can teach your audience something new. Respond to the questions your audience has and make your designs easy to read, share and understand. 

Video content

Want to be remembered? The route is video content. Videos catch the attention of your consumers, while also giving them more of the essence of your brand. Make them short and sweet, while staying true to your style.

Find the holes in your competitors’ information, and fill them in

Take some time to investigate what your competitors are doing with their content marketing strategy: visit their websites, check out their ads and follow their social media accounts. By analyzing the topics they touch you can easily find out what they’re not doing and how you can do it yourself. 

Stay true to your brand’s style

It’s difficult to make your brand stand out if you’re unsure about what your style is and what its positioning is. Be reliable. Users must always know why they follow your content. 

Use questions as content

Need more relevant content? Take note of the questions you receive and turn those into content. 

Be risky and have an opinion 

Take risks! Be open and transparent about your opinions. You may lose a few followers over this, but you’ll keep those who are on the same page as you and your brand while also gaining distinction, credibility and brand image. 

Take advantage of trends

Be the first to jump on the wagon when it comes to trends. This will help your brand stay relevant by keeping your content marketing strategy up-to-date. Be conscious of what’s happening in the world and within your industry, then use it to create content. 

Check your analytics and keep experimenting

Your metrics can tell you a lot about how your content is performing, this will help you see which content is doing the best and why. With this information, you should combine the type of content your consumers like and experiment with them in new ways to continue improving. 

Next time you’re looking for help in building your perfect content marketing strategy, email us here at The Orange Lab, where a team of professionals will be eager to make your digital goals a reality.