During the years to come, real estate agencies will invest more and more in digital marketing for real estate and as one of those agencies, you definitely want to be a step ahead and start working on your client’s online experience. Simplicity is key here and that having a digital plan is now unnegotiable. It’s incredible how many are joining the real estate business at an increasing rate, so you’ll definitely want to one-up your competitors.

Before diving into our most effective digital marketing for real estate strategies, these are some questions you’ll need to ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to go massive and create an aggressive digital marketing plan to attain immediate results?
  2. Do I have a marketing team handy? (Graphic designer, SEO expert, copywriter, community manager, amongst others).
  3. Have I defined who’s my target audience and therefore be able to deliver to their interests?
  4. Are you aware of what your advantages are when placed side-by-side with your audience?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, it’s time to learn which are our go-to digital marketing strategies for real estate. Let’s get started!

Make your brand more human.

In many people’s point of view, real estate agencias come off as cold and uncaring which means they don’t easily trust you. This is your first step, generate trust in your potential clients. Do something that sets you apart from the rest to transmit a different message about your agency!

* Pro tip: Your “about us” section on your website should have a friendly tone, include success cases and tell your story. Have a sense of humor on your social media, too! It generates warmth and trust – exactly what you need.

Virtual reality is the new growing trend.

You may be wondering why this is happening and why so fast! Well, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us more trusting when it comes to online experiences. When it comes to real estate the potential customer will want to check out the property online before actually visiting the property and closing the deal.

Including VR in your digital marketing for real estate plan does two things: 1) it provides your leads with virtual and panoramic views of what the location looks like, which is more detailed and precise than static pictures and 2) it gives you added value because you provide a service that your competitors won’t have.

If this seems out of reach for you at the moment, you can record videos of the property  or take 360 photos to create a more real experience for your clients. Don’t forget to always include a more humanized version of the industry in your company to set you apart in your digital marketing strategies for real estate.

Take care of the mobile version of your website.

This one’s huge. In marketing, when a website adapts to mobile devices, it’s referred to as ‘responsive’. Today, it’s essential that yours is responsive! Over 90% of users access the internet through their mobile phone which means you must put a ton of effort into the mobile version of your website. Make good use of calls to action (CTA) and that your search engines work quickly!

It’s a no-brainer, your digital marketing strategies for real estate plan needs to be tailored to you to make it even more effective and to see more and more results! If you’re looking for a professional marketing agency that knows how to help you achieve your goals, contact us, tell us a bit about your situation to be one step closer to getting the results you desire.