Welcome to the world of marketing, where everything is fast-paced and the ability to adapt, respond, and engage with your audience in real time makes all the difference. There’s a recent case we want to use as an example, one that involves two airlines, Avianca and Wingo, because it perfectly illustrates the concept of real-time marketing. Avianca is a well-established airline that announced the disappearance of the “A” in their name. What they didn’t see coming was that their competitor, Wingo, would respond within an hour, creating a marketing moment that showcased the power of real-time marketing.

Avianca is one of the most prominent airlines in Latin America, they certainly caught the attention of its audience with its intriguing announcement. The message was simple yet captivating: “We’ve lost the ‘A’ in Avianca. Can you help us find it?” This clever campaign stirred curiosity and set the stage for a fantastic real-time marketing opportunity for Wingo.

Within an hour, Wingo was ready with a comeback, taking full advantage of the situation. They responded in a creative and witty manner, claiming they had found the missing “A”. However, instead of simply returning it, Wingo humorously stated that the “A” was traveling with them, alluding to their cheaper fares. This real-time interaction between these two airlines is a fantastic example of how timely and agile marketing responses can capture the audience’s attention and generate buzz.

But why is real-time marketing so essential? And how can businesses harness its power effectively?

The Need for Speed in Marketing

In this digital age, information travels at the speed of light, consumers expect quick and relevant responses. Real-time marketing taps into this need for speed. It allows brands to take part in conversations as they unfold, creating an instant and authentic connection with their audience. By seizing the moment and engaging with trending topics, brands can stay relevant!

Creating Memorable Brand Moments

Take the Avianca and Wingo case as the perfect example of how a witty and timely response can create a memorable brand moment. In a sea of marketing messages, standing out is absolutely necessary. Real-time marketing offers the opportunity to create unique, shareable content that can go viral and boost brand visibility.

Leveraging Trends and Current Events

Real-time marketing is not simply about responding to competitors; it’s about using current events and trends to your advantage. By staying up to date on what’s going on in your industry and around the world, you can find opportunities to align your brand with popular topics and conversations.

Humanizing your brand

Humanize your brand through real-time marketing by showcasing your personality and sense of humor while connecting with your audience on a more personal level and demonstrating that there are real people behind the brand who understand and respond to their needs and interests.

Engaging and growing your audience

When you engage in real-time marketing, you show your audience that you’re attentive, responsive and in tune with their interests. This can lead to increased audience engagement, loyalty and growth.

Real-time marketing is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. It allows brands to be agile, leverage trends, and create memorable moments that build a stronger relationship with their audience. So stay sharp, agile, and be ready to join conversations as they are happening.

Remember, in marketing, timing is everything.

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