A brand needs personality and creating a brand from scratch is a very creative process that entails tons of little details. It’s a topic that actually really excites us, but that can also seem like a scary unknown to many. In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to build a brand when it comes to the most important branding elements and the steps you’ll need to take. 

Step one: Know who  your audience is.  

Start by asking yourself this question: “who will be my audience?”. Through studies and analytics, you’ll be able to define who your audience is before beginning the process of building your brand. When you’re asking yourself how to build a brand, there isn’t a moment where you should be thinking about who you will be selling to. Knowing your audience is absolutely essential.

Step two: Build the brand’s personality. 

Every brand needs a personality to build a brand that your customer can relate to. When thinking about how to build a brand’s personality from scratch simply remember that you must design a brand that catches and keeps your audience’s attention. Make it innovative, make it unique and easily recognizable. 

Step three: Name and logo. 

These two are the first things your customers will know about you and the whole look and feel of your brand will be based on these two factors who will also help your audience relate to your brand from the moment they see it. In order for your brand’s logo to be timeless within all the ever changing trends, we recommend to go with simple and that can easily adapt to different sizes and forms of communication. 

When it comes to your brand’s slogan, think of something that’s catchy and easy to remember. 

Step four: Communication. 

In step one, you’ve established who your audience is and therefore, the communication you deliver when speaking to them is just as important. You’ve learned all about how to build a brand from the ground up and you’ll be a new brand who no one knows about just yet. For this reason, the way you communicate will be a deciding factor for your brand positioning and what characteristics about your brand’s purpose and services or products differentiate you from your competitors. 

Lastly, remember that your web design should go hand-in-hand and feel coherent with what your brand represents, that your online experience is for your audience, and that you should have a marketing plan established so that you can widely reach your target audience. 

Always keep your brand’s identity in mind, when it comes to design, communication, and more. When learning how to build a brand you can easily become confused and overwhelmed by the process, but following our step-by-step guide will get you on the right path. Don’t forget that digital marketing agencies provide experts who can work hand-in-hand with you through the entire process to guarantee the branding of your dreams. 

At The Orange Lab, we’ll provide you with everything you need and more with honesty and professionalism. Let’s build your brand together, check out our work.