Por Daniela García | 1 September, 2020

Are you still the type of person who thinks the digital world is not for your company? Do you still think digital marketing strategies do not apply to your company in the industrial market? Then this blog is for you…

Today we will tell you how digital strategies can drive your industrial or manufacturing business. Let’s start by reviewing the marketing techniques used regularly in the sector.

Industrial companies generally have difficulty developing their marketing plan. This is because their consumers  are companies looking for the products or services offered by the industries and not their final consumers. This business model is known as B2B (Business to Business).

Another difficulty lies in the fact that marketing and advertising techniques that are applied to mass consumer products generally do not work for the industrial sector. For example, trying to sell engines for machinery through advertisements on radio or television is not at all strategic.

For these reasons, industrial companies have traditional niche-focused marketing techniques, such as phone calls, sector fairs or advertisements in specialized journals.

However, due to digital transformation, this scenario is facing a change. Old customer management tactics are no longer enough in the industrial market. Companies in the sector now have to appeal to online strategies to achieve new business.

You still don’t think so? Let’s check some numbers…


Digital Marketing statistics in the industrial sector

An analysis of Accenture, a global innovation network, for 2018, revealed that 57% of B2B buyers research new Internet providers before the first meeting with a representative.

On the other side, a report from Google, the most used search engine in the world, in 2019, indicated that, even in the industrial and manufacturing sector, 67% of purchases are influenced by digital.

According to the study ‘Digital Media use in the industrial sector’, carried out in 2017 by IEEE GlobalSpec, “52% of technicians, engineers and purchasing departments do not contact suppliers until the last stages of the sales cycle”.

New shopping habits in the industrial market

sector industrial

According to statistics, technicians, engineers and purchasing managers are spending less and less time receiving representatives of industrial companies, preferring to start a search on their own when they are required.

When they need to locate new technologies, machinery, products or solutions, they use search tools like Google or social networks like LinkedIn.This is the more accurate way in order to effectively locate the offers that best suit the needs of their company.

In fact, purchasing managers often rely more on comments and opinions that other users have expressed on the Internet than on advice from advisors.

These new purchasing habits, through information searches on the Internet, must be addressed by industrial companies to reach new prospects and customers through online marketing strategies.

Based on this panorama, let’s see what are some of the digital strategies you can implement to capture new customers for your company in the industrial sector.


Digital marketing strategies for industries


1. Strengthening the digital presence

Your company must have an optimized, updated and visually appealing website. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, responsive, provides a user experience and details all the solutions you offer. The idea is that when your potential customers find you, they will find all the information they require in a simple and pleasant way.

Also, make sure you have social media presence, like LinkedIn. This will not only help you track potential customers, but it will make it easier for them to find you.


2. Web Positioning

Once your website is ready, the second step is to work on positioning it in search engines. This helps your company appear among/on  the first results of Google, either through SEO or SEM tactics. Thus, when a user looks for technologies, machinery, products or solutions like the ones you offer, they will find you and not your competitors.


3. Generation of value content

As much as your website is visible on the Internet and you have a presence on social networks, if the content does not answer the questions or needs of your potential client, they will abandon them and look for other options.

The best way to attract and engage a prospect client is to provide relevant content and information easy to understand and easy to find. An excellent strategy is to create blogs or posts related to keywords within your category, aligned with the terms that your potential customers use when searching on the Internet.

Useful and relevant content, which you can present in different formats, can also help you work on the trust of customers.

Now is the time to drive the growth of your industrial business with digital marketing strategies. We are here to help you achieve this. Contact us!

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