Marketing for agriculture is the real deal, more and more, it’s shifting to a strong digital presence. Now is the time to take the next step with strategies in agromarketing for small, medium and large agricultural companies to make their business grow online. Marketing strategies are here to plant your seed of action and reach more visibility and traffic on internet platforms. We’ve created a list to provide you with answers and types of marketing for agriculture strategies that you can stay in the know and implement them today. 

Even though it may sound redundant, we want to quickly explain what marketing for agriculture means. Your marketing and commercial strategies should consist of an accumulation of actions to reach goals and objectives within the agricultural industry. Your plan should include SEO, content marketing, analytics, and more, which is why it can seem so difficult to know where to begin or how to identify what’s most important for your brand. Pertaining to agriculture, here’s how you should focus your online marketing strategies: 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  

Being such a strategic channel, it’s crucial to place a big chunk of your focus here. Your SEO will improve your webpage’s and your content’s visibility. Standing in the top three positions within search engines is vital to make your agro business grow. There are many factors that will determine your success through SEO, therefore, if your knowledge or time fall short in this aspect, you should consider an SEO consultant or an expert who will manage this aspect of your strategy for you. 

Agromarketing on Social Media 

Having a good strategy in place for social media is fundamental for all agricultural companies. You should focus on delivering your purpose, whether it’s climate change, farmer support, planting trees, etc. The perfect place to push your brand awareness and recognition locally, nationally and internationally is through social media. Your content should be well thought out, intentional and at the same time informative. 

Think about including influencers in your strategy 

This is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Your audience follows influencers, what they like, what they do and what they stand for, so it’s imperative that if you intend on using an influencer within your marketing for agriculture plan, that they fit with your brand’s purpose since they are there to influence the decisions their followers make

Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling

Be transparent and tell your story to generate trust. Be artistic and creative when doing so to create empathy and emotional connection with your audience. The goal here is to differentiate your brand, and what better way to accomplish this than telling your unique story? 

Without a proper strategy in place, your journey can seem slow without too many results. Make sure you are offering something more to your audience, add value and stray away from plain publicity. We’d love to hear your story and assist you in anything you may need moving forward with your digital marketing for agriculture strategy. Contact us today