Por Daniela García | 27 August, 2020

Do you count on a website, have a presence in social media, and send emails, but still can’t reach your potential buyers nor increase your business sales? then you need the support of a digital marketing agency. 

The simple fact of having an online presence, either with a web, blog or social media , does not guarantee the brand´s recognition, the consecration of clients nor the desired increase of sales.

In order to achieve goals such as positioning and conversions, a process that involves the use of the right digital tools and strategies is required. Implementing this process will guarantee you hiring a digital marketing agency like The Orange Lab .

If you still don’t believe it, here are 10 benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency…


1. Creation and implementation of a digital marketing plan

A digital marketing agency helps you in the process of building, executing and tracking  a personalized plan taking into account the needs of your business, identifying the online strategies you should implement in order to achieve the goals, based on fundamental aspects such as who are your potential clients, where are they, how can you communicate with them, which are the more effective channels to contact them, what can you offer, etc.

This plan is also designed based on the SMART methodology, which consists of the achievement of specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and timely objectives.

2. Experience

When you hire a digital marketing agency you have at your disposal all the experience in the execution of online strategies, so, none of the actions of your business will be executed randomly.

Therefore, make sure to choose an agency with a track record that can demonstrate the results it has achieved and the projects it has carried out.


3. Specialized team

One of the major benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is that you acquire the possibility of having a team of specialists in the field, such as designers, copywriters, digital media analysts, SEO experts, among others, who possess a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience.

This guarantees better results compared to trying to do it on your own or hiring a freelancer who wants to cover it all.

4. Resources and digital tools

The digital marketing agencies have resources and tools for analytics, sending emails and mass and personalized messages, scheduling publications on social media, preparing reports, among other very useful for optimizing actions and monitoring results. 

Through the use of these digital tools, agencies help you automatize processes and tasks.

5. Creativity and originality

A digital marketing agency will help you create original, creative and personalized strategies that will make your brand stand out from the competition.


6. Nowadays

In the world of technology, advances are constant, so the digital marketing agencies are attentive to the online news and trends, to offer you updated solutions.


7. Content generation

Content generation is the key to a digital marketing plan. In fact, everything revolves around offering users suitable, relevant, timely, useful and interesting content.

Content marketing is the method for the clients to know your product or service, accompany the user in his purchase process, convince people to share their contact information and position your business website in search engines.

For this reason at The Orange Lab we specialize in creating content that captivates audience and connects them with your brand.


8. Production of graphics, videos and podcasts

There are different ways to offer content to users, such as texts, images, audio, or videos. An agency can support you in the production in the formats you need.

Whether your customers prefer to read a blog or e-book, listen to podcasts or consume content in videos, a digital marketing agency helps you throughout the process offering them what they want.

9. Service options

A 360 digital marketing agency can offer a service according to your needs, for example: digital campaigns, social media administration, organic positioning, website creation, brand building, etc.


10. Focus on results

A digital marketing agency keeps your business goals aligned with your online strategies and focuses on achieving a return on your investment, offering you an analysis of your growth and keeping you informed of the results that the strategies have had in your business and believe us: actions are measurable.

Are you ready to hire the services of a marketing agency? Contact us and let’s start working on a plan that suits your needs.

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