Por Daniela García | 22 September, 2020

The financial sector is one of the ones that have adapted to new technologies in the last years, leading digital transformation processes and giving way to what is known as ‘fintech’.

‘Fintech’ is a term composed of two English words: ‘financial’ and ‘technology’; which means, the fusion between finance and technology.

The ‘fintech’ are companies, mostly ‘startups’, that rely on new technologies to offer financial services, that allows them to have high potential to provide innovative solutions for customers.

These companies can offer advice on financial products, do credit profile analysis and even grant microcredit, all through the Internet, so digital marketing plays a fundamental role in the growth of their businesses.

And the provision of innovative solutions, through the use of new technologies, requires the implementation of digital marketing strategies that allow you to connect effectively with customers and prospects. Here are some simple but effective tactics.

5 digital marketing strategies that are important for fintech:

  1. Automatization in customer service

The ‘fintech’ have to be capable of offering fast, simple and personalized attention  that provides customers the best service experience.

For this reason, they must have managers who can communicate with people through different channels and accompany them in making decisions.

Currently, thanks to the use of technology, these managers do not have to be a person, bots can be an excellent option to provide that immediate attention.

Chatbots are computer applications based on artificial intelligence that simulate conversation with a person, giving automated answers to their most common questions or doubts.

     2. Multi -Channel communication

In addition to conventional channels, fintech channels must necessarily have other ways to establish contact with customers, such as mobile applications, social networks, email, etc.

At this point, digital marketing strategies such as social media, e-mail marketing and WhatsApp marketing are very valuable to create a connection with customers and strengthen attention.

      3. Creation of valuable content

Fintech should be capable of generating relevant and high-value content for users related to the services it offers.

For example, if a startup provides financial advisory services, an excellent strategy is to publish content such as: what are the most profitable financial products for investors?,  What are the best investment products according to the type of profile of each client?

Content marketing is an opportunity to explain to customers why they require your company’s services and how it can meet their needs.

      4. Web positioning

According to a Google report, 94 percent of people in Latin America consult the Internet before buying a product or hiring a service. 

Therefore, the ‘fintech’ must have an optimized website, that is well positioned in the search engines and updated with the information of the services it offers.

Another very important aspect is that, according to Google, 80% of users access the Internet through their mobile phone, so these companies must not only have a website, but make sure they have a responsive design.

       5. Personalization

A report by the Deloitte service firm indicates that people are increasingly demanding personalised communication; therefore, it is not enough just to provide relevant and fast information.

To achieve personalization it is necessary to know the needs, interests and channels that each client prefers.

This calls for the collection of large amounts of information about the behaviour and interaction of users, through Big Data, to plan and execute actions aimed at meeting their needs.

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